About us

SYN is a company that develops projects in esports, digitalization for companies and activations in the sport world, with a first level team, and with more of twenty years of experience in these areas.

SYN has a multidisciplinary team that offers to our projects the best quality in all the areas of a big project: economic, education, esports, sport, etc. and put all the enthusiasm and the know how to the service of all our special projects.

and values

The extensive experience of our team as consultants in the esports and sports sector has brought us closer to their values and riches, and at the same time has made us aware of the problems that these sectors face in the current era. On the one hand, esports need professionalization, values and an education to train the new generation of video game consumers. On the other hand, the sports sector needs to be digitized and modernized to reach young people who live in an ever-changing world. Our expertise in the world of business, strategic consulting, educational sciences and sports management, has provided us with the knowledge and know-how to offer responsible and innovative solutions, adding new value to these sectors.

This experience allows us to help brands, entities, investors and startup projects to achieve their objectives by offering them a solution tailored to their needs based on their own values and visions.

Every step, every success, is an opportunity to spread our values of innovation, transparency and professionalism.





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Agile methodologies in project management for esports and the digital sector

Turnkey solutions
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International portfolio
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Measurable metrics
in all campaigns
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different backgrounds
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Experience with
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