An APP to search and create esports tournaments

The app will help you find the perfect tournament for you, based on your location and your preferred title.

Users can organize free games and tournaments, or premium (paid) tournaments. The application includes internal payments for subscriptions and participation in tournaments.

The organizers can be individual gamers, small entities, shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, or brands, which can sponsor the events or even the participants.

Users can follow their favorite players, and have access to their results.

  • Users can create free games or premium
  • The user decides if he wants a casual or
    more competitive competition.
  • Follow your favorite players and see their achievements locally and globally.
  • Compete in person and grow as a
    professional or an amateur.

Business model

Premium Tournaments

In-App payments to create premium parties. Recurrent subscriptions & pay per competition. Entreprise competitions.


Sponsoring official tournaments
and competitions.


Providing Data as a services to
professionals and 3rd parties.

Universo SYN