a business to explore

In 2019, the Licensing sector generated
290,000 million euros.

The categories with the greatest presence are: entertainment and characters (43%), corporate brands (21%), fashion (11.5%) and sports (10%), among others (14.5%). USA and Canada are the main markets (40%), but the growth in the rest of the world is 2 digits year-on-year, with special attention to Europe and Latin America.


Due to the extensive nature of the industry, it is necessary to create an agency specialized in licenses for the esports sector, taking into account the main fact that it is a very specific sector.

Licensing application areas

Geek is a specialist in detecting, contacting and selecting licensing opportunities in the gaming and
entertainment industry in general. The licenses obtained allow you to develop business in:

Promotions in
mass consumption
and retail

Lines of toys

Clothes, household
goods and
accessories lines

Digital activationsf

Competitive advantage

Be the first. Anticipating success requires great
knowledge of the sector that Geek has.

Geek has professionals in permanent contact with studios, publishers and esports teams all over the world, and very intensively in Asia. The competitive advantage is the speed of intervention in the Seed phase, that is, long before these video games are recognized and therefore with much higher priced licenses.

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