The integral formation of the person through esports

EVO Academy is a concept of school of integral training, whose driving axis is esports. Under a 360º vision, it caters to the main aspects of the gamer and stands as training for the growth of the player and the person.

The product is built on two needs. On the one hand, that of families to understand their children’s interest in gaming and integrate it healthily as a beneficial element and, on the other hand, about children’s interest in improving their mastery of gaming and the joint need for this process to be successful, from a global perspective.


Anti-bullying and
Cyberbullying program

Physical activity


Counseling for


Reducing the gap between parents and children in relation to electronic games and different digital platforms.

Training competent people in the virtual world at the playful andb professional level with emotional education as a common thread through the focus of the integral training of the person.


Integrate gaming as educational tool under a concept of 360º education, that fosters the appropriate use of digital platforms and approaches families to this environment.


· Educational innovation
· Transparency
· Adaptability
· Coherence
· Excellence
· Diligence

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