Business areas

SYN has designed a matrix development system, promoting innovation and business agility.

The purpose of this system is to provide each project with the necessary resources for proper implementation.

Comprehensive services tailored to meet all customer needs

Strategic consulting for companies

  • We help to generate innovative strategies to achieve the objectives of each client, adapting to the values and vision of each company.
  • We develop digital marketing campaigns with the most innovative means and technologies for the reach to the younger generations.

Management for investors in startup projects

  • We manage investments for startup projects
  • We provide support in the search for the necessary financing for the development of startup projects, in the development of a business plan, legal support, and negotiations with investment funds, investors and entrepreneurs.

Purchase and sale of companies

  • We manage purchase and sale of companies.
  • We provide support in negotiations with investors and legal management.

Years of experience of our team allows us to define
the profiles of the clients we target.